TAC Energy supplies fuels and support products to a wide range of wholesale customers, including government entities, industrial and commercial end-users, fleets and retailers. We market fuel products across the nation backed by a staff working from numerous sales and support offices.

We do more than just offer the most competitively priced products. A customized fuel management program is offered to each of our customers that goes above the ordering, dispatching and delivery. We provide the research, information and management of tools to energize your fuel.

To accomplish this, we offer a suite of related value-added services:


  • Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – Whether it’s 3 p.m. on a Wednesday or 3 a.m. on Christmas Day, customers speak to a real, live person.
  • Ability to monitor a customer’s tank inventory remotely in real time, anticipate demand and automatically dispatch reorders – we use a combination of live and historical data to accurately estimate demand and best schedule fuel deliveries.
  • Minimizing fuel costs by advancing or delaying loads where operationally possible – By constantly watching the market, we place fuel orders when trends are most favorable, saving customers money.
  • Competitive freight rates because of our buying power – We supply fuel across the nation, receiving preferential freight rates and lowering final fuel costs.
  • Coordination, management and delivery of just-in-time, keep-full or any customer-determined fuel inventory level through multiple transportation options – We can ship from multiple locations and utilize numerous carrier relationships.


  • Ability to source product from virtually any supplier at any terminal in the continental U.S.
  • Instantaneous direct pricing updates via online tools
  • Price-notification updates directly to you in the format of your choice
  • Flexible pricing based on any major index


  • Provide customers with Inventory Intelligence – one of the most innovative and interactive management tools available
  • Offer various levels of password-protected access to match our customers’ organizational hierarchy
  • Customer training and toll-free help line for our website


  • One of the most innovative in-house I/T departments in the industry
  • Produced in customer’s format, terminology and protocol
  • Most additional services and reports provided at no additional charge


  • Four decades of experience in wholesale marketing and pipeline supply and trading
  • Active pipeline bulk market participant
  • Access to the NYMEX commodity futures markets to hedge prices
  • Control your degree of exposure to market volatility with our fuelBASE program
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