TAC Investments manages the capital of the TAC balance sheet. We carefully invest a diversified pool of assets that seeks to generate an above average risk-adjusted return, while growing and protecting the TAC balance sheet and mitigating risk. This extensive pool of assets provides the foundation for TAC’s purchasing power across all divisions.

Our portfolio consists of a broad range of investments in various asset classes and private businesses. While maintaining a consistent earnings-driven segment of the total portfolio as a core strategy, TAC Investments also has the flexibility to capitalize private enterprises when the opportunity is in alignment with our overall investment goals.

In our equity portfolio, we have a value-driven approach that emphasizes strong, growing cash flows, historically inexpensive multiples, and high dividends. With the energy trading, marketing and purchasing expertise of TAC Energy, TAC Investments has a long track record in energy investing and is a large investor in midstream assets and master limited partnerships.

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